A full moon ritual is a commonly practised, and ancient process, designed to harness the power of the moon when it’s at its strongest – at full – and use this energy to remove, and set free, any negativity, feelings, thoughts and things that no longer serve us, are holding us back, and causing pain.

Whether or not you believe in the power of the moon and the magic of the ritual itself, there’s something very soothing and therapeutic about recording your negative feelings and fears, visualising them on paper, taking some quiet time to reflect on them, then releasing them via a flame. It’s very primal and natural, and therefore incredibly powerful even on the most non-spiritual level.

So, since tomorrow night is a full moon, here’s how you do a full moon ritual. Please note that there is no single right way to do this – my own is based on various versions that I have practised over time, and have adjusted to suit myself, and what feels good. What’s important is the key elements of the moon, words and flame. Let your instincts and intuition guide you the rest of the way – that’s what matters the most.

On the night of a full moon collect the following items:

  • Pen
  • Piece of paper
  • Two bowls – one half filled with water, the other empty
  • Candle
  • Matches / lighter
  • Glass of wine (this isn’t an offical part of the ritual but it feels more offical to me if I have something to drink and toast whilst I do this…plus it helps keep you warm!)

Ritual Instructions:

  1. Take yourself outside when it’s dark, and find a spot to sit in the open where you’re able to look up at the full moon
  2. Place in front of you your two bowls and candle. Light the candle
  3. Take deep breaths and enjoy the cold air, look up at the moon, and take a few minutes to let the atmosphere and energy of the moon, and your surroundings, enter you
  4. When you feel ready, slowly and conscientiously write on your sheet of paper all of the things in your life that you wish to release and set free. Things that are causing you negativity, fear, pain, and that are no longer wanted or needed and are holding you back. It can be in any form you want – a list, notes, I like to write it as a letter. How you record these things are up to you. Just pour your heart onto the paper and release it all from within. I like to pause as I write, and reflect on the moon to ensure I’m really drawing that energy back into my words, and I can feel those sentiments leaving my body and transferring onto the page
  5. At the end of your note, sign your name, date the paper
  6. Read the note out loud, looking at the moon (or whisper, if you’re shy), then fold up the paper
  7. Take a deep breath, feel your energy and the moon, and the power of the words in your hands, and say “I now let this go, and it is so”
  8. Put a corner of your note into the flame of the candle and let it burn into the empty bowl. Whilst it burns, breathe deep, focus on the power of the flames and the moon, and visualise all of that negativity in that note being released from your life and disappearing up into the night sky and being taken away from you forever
  9. Once fully burned, dip your hands in the bowl of water. This signifies cleansing of the old and new beginnings
  10. Take some time in the dark silence to reflect, drink your wine, toast the moon and toast yourself, and keep your candle burning until you are done

Usually, after completing this process, I’ll feel really emotional, vulnerable and tearful, like those tough feelings have been drawn up to the surface, and pulled out of me. As a result I find it a good idea to do this ritual late at night, just before bed, so that if you’re feeling tender afterwards you can curl up in bed and go straight to sleep. However despite this, when I awake the next morning, I always feel 10 x lighter in my mind, and free from those things that were weighing me down. It really is a very worthwhile exercise.

Good luck, and remember – don’t be afraid of the ritual, just follow your intuition, and you won’t go wrong.


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