Here is your annual reminder, that now that Spring is knocking on the door, that you must go out and buy yourself Spring flowers, for as long as they are in season.

Not just one bunch, but a multitude. Factor it into your weekly food allowance, after all, a healthy cluster of bunches will cost you little more than one meal out, but give you infinitely more pleasure, and a guaranteed week of joy and light.

Gather up all of your mason jars, vases, glasses, and jugs from around the house – glass ones, in a rainbow of colours, ceramic ones in all patterns, some short, some tall, some round, some slim – and set them all on your kitchen table. You need enough flowers to be able to populate them all, even if it’s just one or two blooms in each.

Then take your vases and dot them all around the house. Ensure there’s some right by the front door so they’re the first thing to greet you as you get in from a long, terrible, day at work. Some next to your bed so they greet you every morning when you wake. And in the kitchen, to keep you company whilst you cook and do chores. And then every bookcase, window sill, and dull, flat surface.

This way, you can ensure that every time you walk into a room you will be greeted with the happiest of sights and scents – it’s like having a smiling Jeff Goldblum, draped in a silk robe, clutching a gin and tonic and slice of gateaux waiting for you. That shit can’t fail to make you feel good about yourself, and full of hope and promise of the summer that lies ahead.

Whilst you’re at it, on sunny weekend days, open the windows and let the air in.

Play some jazz.

And make some nice tea.

These things are not luxury, they’re self-care, and they’re just what you need after a long, dark, cold, winter of hibernation.

And always remember this most fundamental of life rules: never, ever, wait for someone else to buy you flowers.



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