It is I, Princess Peony.

I am 40% romance – pastel pinks, lace trimmings, a fluffy cloud of a petticoat, shimmery highlighters, and a full crown of dusky peonies. Ready to dance, to twirl, to swoon, to run away and elope at the drop of the hat.

I am 40% urban-leisure – battered converse, neon laces, and a slouchy oversized tee – effortless, relaxed and comfortable.

And 20% Kate Bush – not only because this mop of hair makes up at least a liberal 20% of my being, but because I am preoccupied by Wuthering Heights, ready to do the moves, a good 20% of my life.

It all started with a crown. And when you don’t know where to go from there, you just have to go with everything and trust it works out, because it always does.

These components mean I’m not only 100% ready for whatever the day throws at me, but, most importantly, I’m 100%, completely, utterly, me.

And that’s when the magic really happens…


Shoes – Converse

T shirt – Glassons

Skirt – Vintage.

Flower Crown – So Long Marianne

Necklace – Gracefield Ceramics

Lipstick – ColourPop

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