It was one of those mornings where what you think you’re going to wear, ends up a million miles from where you actually end up, and you’re suddenly fifteen minutes late and there’s a pile of discarded dresses and blazers on the bed, and then all I can think of is that quote that goes “when woman says ‘I have nothing to wear today’ what she really means is ‘there is nothing here for who I want to be today’” which I guess is true but I still dislike it, because, actually, I feel that we all want to be the same two things every day, no matter where you’re heading or who you are: cool and fabulous.

Where I ended up, in this skirt, shirt, and sandal combo I’m very happy with and is a mix that I’ve never worn before. This is a case of my outfit being very low cost and low fuss, despite the drama of the petticoat and bold colours making it seem high-drama. It’s also it’s a very good example of what is one of my favourite things to do – mix masculine and hi-femme pieces. Doing this is a nice way to stop getting too cartoon-like sickly sweet in the dresses and florals.

The skirt is one I made myself – a simple, two piece, rock and roll circle skirt (possibly from the costume section of the pattern catalogue?) that I make over and over, and have around four of, in different fabrics. I’m such a lazy and impatient sewer that I even started omitting the waistband portion of the project and just started sewing elastic right into the top seam. I figure that if it’s just for you to wear, no-one will ever see the technical flaws, and they really don’t.   It takes less than an hour to cut and make, start to finish, and honestly the most bothersome thing about it is that it uses around four metres of fabric, which means I never use anything that costs more than $15 per metre, otherwise you’re almost better just to buy something that is at least made properly and won’t have a dodgy hemline. The skirt is then pulled over my usual petticoat, and voila!

The shirt is soft, breathable, and comfy. I tie it in a knot at my waist, quite firmly, which I like because it makes my waist look teeny. But mainly because the firmness feels like some utter babe (*cough* Jeff Goldblum *cough*) has their arm wrapped  around my waist. When you’re single imaginary, protective, boyfriends are a real mood-booster.

It’s actually a K mart shirt, which is where I get all of my non-thrifted shirts from, I never look anywhere else, because:

1. The fabric is nice quality

2. They come in full plus sized options, meaning that you can buy a little oversized – which I always advise doing, especially if you are of ample bosom – a good way to avoid the dreaded tit-gape between buttons

3. They cost no more than $12, but if you wait a few months, you can usually pick it up discounted – which is what I did with today’s example – it cost me $6

4. If you do end up getting the dreaded tit-gape, you’re then actually very chilled out about shoving several safety pins into  it, because it cost $6 so who cares about damaging the fabric?

5. Ethically, K Mart actually beats a lot of other high street brands in terms of worker conditions, so I do not consider it a sell-out of my values to go there. And despite being some of the cheapest clothes around, their items typically last me a lot longer than similar pieces from Glassons and even Max

Also, it was hair wash day. Which, with my fringe, always gives me an Anjelica Huston vibe, something I will never, ever, fight.


SKIRT: Home made

SHIRT: Kmart 

SANDALS: Swedish Hasbeens

NECKLACE: Modcloth

LIPSTICK: Colourpop Arriba


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