I love make-up, I wear it every day, but I’m not one of those fabulously-slick-gurus who is down with every product and fancy technique.

I guess, like most average people, you have what you like and you stick with it, and get very good at those few things. For me it’s winged eyeliner and red lips. I’m a pro at these things, but only because I’ve been doing them every day for over ten years.

One area I’ve always felt woefully lacking, and baffled, is eyeshadow. They terrify me, with past attempts at experimentation resulting in speckled fallout all down my cheeks and everything ending up just kind of a shitty, brownish, grey, smudge.

Instead, I stick to a neutral matte, or shimmer, in a beige or pale pink. I shun brushes (despite owning many) in favour of just jabbing my index finger into the pot, swiping it across my lid and hoping for the best. No three-step-crease-phasing over here.

But recently I’ve discovered the world, and utter joy, of the YouTube make-up channels – particularly reviews and tutorials.

Sure they’re informative, but they’re also really soothing. It’s been year of lots of anxious thoughts creeping into the head at around midnight, just as you should be going to sleep. And so nothing calms me, and eases me into sleep, quite like a 17 minute video of some utter babe talking about, in great depth, and swatching, a new eyeshadow palette. What a Golden Age we live in!

And whilst it wasn’t the original intention, I guess I’ve picked up bits and pieces along the way – things like blending and basic shapes to follow. But above all else, I’ve gained confidence!

Which led me to being bold and purchasing the rather beautiful ColourPop eyeshadow palette, ‘Yes Please’ – which is far from my usual neutral tones, and instead filled with vivid warm shades of reds, golds, oranges and yellows.

If you’re not familiar, ColourPop is a cult sensation, and my favourite make up brand. It’s vegan, cruelty free, the products are amazing quality, beating many much more expensive, well known brands *cough* MAC *cough*, and the prices are jaw-droppingly unbelievable. Like, you won’t believe it. Most individual items run at around US$6.

Since I first started buying ColourPop, around 2 years ago, their range has expanded from just eyeshadows and lipsticks, to now including things like concealers, highlighters and full shadow palettes – apart from mascara, gel eyeliner (though they do make a good one) and finishing powder, all of my make-up comes from ColourPop.

If you spend US $50 you get free shipping to NZ, and trust me $50 gets you a rather chokka box of product. They’ve just launched a rather swoony My Little Pony range which I hope to be snagging some of, sometime soon.

This palette, Yes Please, kept selling out when it was released earlier this year and has become a bit of a cult item. I was lucky enough to get one a few months ago. The pigmentation is amazing, it blends like a dream, and for $16 for 12 shades it’s incredible value, as ever.

And even I, with my gammy-as-hell eyeshadow skills, am able to swipe on something semi-fashiony using this palette…which is exactly what I did today.

I used a blend of red, orange and yellow, with gold highlight, to create something that I feel is a mix between a parrot and a Street Fighter character, aka. Very pleasing indeed.

Which goes to show, there’s always new tricks in old-dogs. Even when it comes to eyeshadow!


EYESHADOW: ColourPop, Yes Please palette

SHIRT: Monki


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