I don’t really subscribe to that idea of picking one statement piece and letting that do all the talking in an outfit. You know, those chic, fashion magazine editor types who will casually throw their stand-out jacket, bag, or sunglasses over top of a white singlet, flats, skinny jeans, and leave it at that.

By ‘don’t really’. I mean ‘not a smidge’.

Instead, on days like today, when I wake up and decide that I’m the mood for my statement-of-all-statement-jackets – my beautiful, excessive, rock and roll, utterly ridiculous, 20-muppets-were-harmed-in-the-making-of-this, pink, fur coat – I think, ‘HURRAH! PARTY TIME!’

The jacket is one I purchased around year ago, from ASOS. However it’s not just any old ASOS purchase – no, it has a very special story behind it – for it’s my all time greatest drunk ASOS purchase. You know the kind. I can hear you associating hard. After all, we’re all guilty of making these ill-advised impulse orders in some capacity or another. Whether we’re intoxicated with alcohol, with emotion, hormones, the cat is asleep on your lap and looks really cute so you’re trapped, or maybe you were just really bloody bored. We all find ourselves, sooner or later, lying around at approx 11:45pm, on a Thursday night, scrolling through random ASOS categories (is there anything more soothing?), when BINGO! We spot something that speaks to that weak, easily manipulated, part of our brain.

To be honest, 3 out of 5 times, the impulse buy is pretty crap, and a fair representation your poor-emotional judgement in life – the sizing is off, it’s not your colour (it was never your colour, but you forget that during the impulse-haze) or, in your haste, you failed to spot a critical flaw – that it’s backless, or has arm slits, or some kind of weird eyelet lacing detail under the left armpit – ick.

But! Every so often, we do hit gold – and my Muppet Jacket is as good as drunk-online purchases get.

The piece is too ridiculous to not be perfect. The ultimate bold move that paid off. Because whenever I wear it I’m always flooded in compliments and big hugs (it’s very huggable), and so I always end up in a happy mood with self-esteem soaring high. Which really, is the entire point of fashion – it’s meant to make you feel sparkly and great!

So tonight, with a couple of events to go to, I decided to wear the jacket, and make that statement. With this bright, fun, whimsy, as my base – I went berserk from there, applying the theory that once you’ve committed to excess, there’s no going back. So I threw together the rather glorious combination of: Space print leotard, turquoise crinoline petticoat (just worn as a skirt), pink Converse, and the cherry on top – my favourite gold-star face glitter, which I literally purchased from a troupe of Drag Queens in New Orleans.

And voila!

Let me tell you – this outfit is so utterly joy giving. I adore it, and will be trotting it out liberally as we enter the festive party season. I feel like some kind of Galactic Christmas Angel.

I like to believe in little signs of encouragement from the universe – so when I got out to the seaside suburb, and street art honeypot, of New Brighton, I was thrilled to immediately find painted shop fronts and murals that totally matched my chosen aesthetic, and were the perfect selfie backdrop. Which I could only take as a beautiful sign of outfit-destiny.

When in doubt, always remember the So Long Marianne mantra: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH.




LEOTARD: General Tomfoolery

SNEAKERS: Converse

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