Are luxury and self-care the same thing? Or have we made them the same thing through overuse of the phrases? I mean, a Ferrari loaded with caviar, Louis Vuitton handbags, huge scented candles and Ragdoll kittens is definite luxury. But so is having a great homemade sandwich for lunch, or sitting in the sun for ten minutes and just closing your eyes, or whatever cliched things we always suggest to other people if they’re feeling off. Things which we now refer to as self-care.

I guess it all just falls under the category of things that make you feel a little bit better and brighter.

Luxury doesn’t always mean expensive. It’s just feeling like “yeah, I just did a good thing for myself”.

And it can be the simplest things.

For me, today, luxury meant that instead of wearing my usual blazer to work, I threw a favourite vintage, comfy, old-lady, cardigan on over my shirt.

It might sound really petty and ridiculous, but it’s not something I’d ever do on a workday and so I felt like I was being indulgent and giving into my whims by being a little bit sloppy. The cardigan is comforting, soft and warm, and makes me feel looked after and safe. It was what I needed and the sense of luxury came, in allowing that for myself. Such a little thing. And it seems nicer to use the phrase luxury, rather than self-care. Less enforced. More for pleasure.

Because it’s another tough day. And it’s been a tough month. And a tough year. And I’m tired and grumpy and I really do wish it was Jan 1 2018. Which I hate because I don’t believe you should ever wish time away.

To be honest, I thought this would be a super happy, sparkly, upbeat, aspirational blog about clothes and living your most fabulous life. I figured that fashion and outfits were a safe territory. Fun and never really able to get too personal. It’d be a curated blog, like all of the pretty, cool girls, who wear neutrals, and live in amazing cities have. But as I write (and I find it so soothing to write, I think that’s why I’m here?) and actually begin to dissect what I’m wearing, and why, it’s startling to find how much my emotions play into my wardrobe choices. I guess I just never thought that much about it. But for me they seem to be very connected.

And so today I am writing about choosing to wear a ridiculously large, fluffy blue cardigan that I chose because it feels like a hug, when I want and need one, but can’t get one.

It’s not a glamorous choice, but it’s real. And that’s important.

And it’s about as luxurious as an average Tuesday gets.





LIPSTICK: YSL Rouge Pur Couture – 13 Le Orange

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