Something seems to happen when girls hit adolescence in that we decide that we will only ever wear silver jewellery and tones. We grow this huge aversion to gold and steer clear of it, at all costs.

Well, that was the case for me, and every other girl I went to school and was friends with in my teens and twenties. There was little more uncool than gold jewellery and accessories.

For me, gold seemed like a highly contradictory mix of appearing trashy, over-sexualised, old fashioned, and far too mature for my age. It was what mutton-dressed-as-lamb old women, with hundreds of wrinkle lines around their mouths from decades of chain smoking, wore. It was Bette the landlady in Coronation Street (who, in hindsight, was awesome), it was Dolly Parton (who, in hindsight, is a fucking legend and inspiration), but then it was also your Great Aunt in the retirement home who smelled of over-boiled broccoli and cheap Avon perfume.

So instead, in the early 00’s, chain-stores like Silver Moon boomed, and took over malls, and Pandora bracelets became all the rage. We stressed to our Mothers, with each impending birthday and Christmas, that any jewellery that they gifted us must, must, MUST be in silver tones.

Is that still the case with young people today? I hope not. I hope that the diversity of cultures around us, sex-positivity, strong feminist role models, and there being less stigma or fear around being seen to be too feminine, loud, or bold, means that gold is not something for young women to fear. Because, as I think about it, I think that’s what it all came down to. Not a dislike of gold itself, but more the fear of being labelled or interpreted as something that we didn’t want to, or felt that we shouldn’t and couldn’t, be.

So I went through all of my teens and twenties never owning or wearing a single thing in gold.

But then around the time I turned 30, which coincided with finally learning a lot about self-acceptance, and gaining a whole ton of confidence and self-esteem – I also discovered the fun and joy in wearing gold. And for my 30th birthday I brought myself the gift of a gold Tatty Devine nameplate necklace. It’s still one of my most treasured possessions.

From there it developed into rings, earrings, chains, shoes, makeup and even a delightfully garish gold bomber jacket. In fact – it’s now the opposite of how I used to be. I now seldom wear silver jewellery and am very adverse to the idea of it. It just feels so…vanilla?

Gold does still feel much more sexualised and mature than silver, but it’s not about that, for me it feels empowering, fun, strong and exciting. Gold is Beyoncé to silver’s Taylor Swift, y‘know? It’s just got that…edge.

Friday’s outfit started with the desire to wear my gold bomber, and as usual spawned a ‘let’s see how far I can push this theme’ attitude.

From there i went to gold make up – several shades of gold eyeshadow, layered up. Some oversized heart-shaped gold hoop earrings – which I’d scored from Kmart in a three pack, the night before. Some face glitter, and then final piece of gold – a lil T-Rex pendant that I picked up at a market a few years ago for a few dollars and absolutely adore.

The blindingly-shiny lipgloss is an amazing bronze/gold by ColourPop that they threw in free with an order. I’m not a gloss person, and haven’t been for years. I find it annoyingly sticky and my hair always blows against, and gets caught up on it, so I’d never have ordered it. However it’s been a handy addition to my lip catalogue for days when I want that super-shiny and fun pop to my look.

In this outfit I feel Iike I’m in a 1980’s girl hip-hop-roller-skate group from Brooklyn, and I probably spent all day subconsciously walking with a ridiculous swagger-bounce, as a result. But lets be honest, no matter how cool or empowered I may feel when dripping in gold, my hip hop persona wil always be much more Flight of the Conchords’ Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros than Missy Elliot or Lil Kim.



SKIRT: Homemade


SHOES: Converse



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