As you will be well aware, my philosophy is that more is always more, and more demands more. Which is ironic when I set out to create an outfit resembling something of a 1960’s classic French-chic aesthetic – the gurus of pared-back minimalism. You know the look…

Minimalism? More like ‘minimaliZzz…I am asleep from boredom’.

For me, the only reason I tend to opt for a simpler choice of garment is to allow room for accessories that really scream.

A building block in my wardrobe that I’ve been using a lot lately, for this purpose, is the bodysuit. There’s something that feels so chic about them. I love how streamlined they are, reducing any excess fabric, bumps, or bulk around the torso and hips, creating such a good silhouette. Oh, and they make for some bloody amazing cleavage.

People complain about them being a pain, you know, to pee in, what with the domed crotch and all – but aesthetics always have a price, and if slightly awkward bathroom visits are the fee for a smooth and sleek silhouette, then I’ll pay it.

In 2017/18 Spring / Summer range, at Kmart, they had this bodysuit in several colours, all for a steal of $8. Knowing a good thing when I see it, I immediately bought two – this striped one that’s pictured in this post, and a black one – and I’ve been wearing them to all manner of social events this Christmas season. They’re sexy, comfortable, go great under a jacket or blazer and immediately make you feel very polished and pulled together.

At the moment bodysuits are part of this 90’s revival trend and you can get them pretty much everywhere – ASOS is overrun with every style and fabric conceivable, some are so sexy, elegant and beautiful. But having now bought a number of bodysuits from different places – fit can be an issue, or more cut. The cotton /lycra has stretch, so I’m not too concerned about that aspect of fit, but torso length can be a frustration and can really make or break it four you. You need it to be long enough that it’s taut but not over-stretched. Though, Aesthetics aside, you’re only gonna get a wedgie from one that it too short, or the domes are gonna constantly pop undone every time you sit down!

I got one from Glassons last year and the torso is so short it makes the deep cut ‘v’ of the neckline Not Safe For Public Consumption and is not a comfortable wear whatsoever.

Actually, Glassons in general have become appalling with their sizing, as of late. I used to be able to get away with their 16 in many styles, but whilst I have stayed the same size, their clothing seems to have shrunk. Apart from their merino and singlets, I now avoid the place and refuse to go in, as I’m sure their sizing has got smaller in the past two years and even if that wasn’t an issue, their products have just been so bleh and uninspired. I’m sure we’ll read something soon, in the news, about how profits are down and the online world and arrival of H&M is killing our NZ chain stores – but they’re doing it to themselves. When they screw us over with sizing, and fail to deliver on innovation and exciting ranges, of course we’re gonna flock to ASOS with their massive selection, increasingly great Curve range, and free delivery and returns. Come on Glassons, you can do better than only go up a a (small) size 16. This is 2018, you’re missing out on the business from thousands of women across the country who would love to shop with you. It’s just not good enough.

However these Kmart ones are just perfect, with a lovey wide scoop neck, short sleeves and a lengthy torso. Also, Kmart being the glorious haven that it is, this garment runs up to around a size 24 or 26. Praise be. Glassons, mate, you should take note.

I feel that Plus Sized women get sold that idea that bodysuits are for skinny girls, y’know, that ballerina aesthetic. But I urge you to give them a go – as I mentioned above, they’re really streamlined and if you’re in the mood to emphasise your waist, shoulders or boobs, they will do that in abundance. And in a world where the plus sized fashion industry seems determined to drape women in hoards of excess fabric, like we’re being hidden behind a frumpy curtain, it’s lovely to wear something figure hugging, that feels elegant and brings out the inner-Nigella in you.

So for a lunch date with friends, I paired my striped bodysuit with a favourite Lindy Bop skirt of mine, to create my French-chic foundation. Then went big on the accessories.

The earrings are an absolute favourite of mine – they are by Australian based designers Doodad and Fandango, and they literally turn heads when I wear them out. It’s a goal of this year to add a couple more pairs to my repertoire. I mean, SWOON, right?!

Sunglasses from a glorious local sunglass purveyor Happy to Sit on Your Face – which can be found at markets and events around Christchurch and they have the best range of bold, funky and retro sunglasses I’ve ever seen, all very reasonably priced.

And then topped off, of course, with a bold red lip – my current favourite red – Arriba by Colourpop. I love it so much, Ive just ordered a couple more tubes our of fear it’ll get discontinued without my realising. I know everyone is talking in about the Fenty Stunna red at the moment, but this is a great dupe that came out first, and costs a quarter of Stunna. Several people have even asked me “Is that the Fenty?!” In the past month. I’d like to try the Fenty really soon, but when I have a great, budget, dupe on hand, I’m in no great rush.

In this ensemble I feel strong, tall, bold, confident and sexy.

An outfit should always make you feel like whatever you want to be.

I strut, smile, flirt and I make eye contact with cute strangers in this outfit.

This is the power that fashion bestows. Never underestimate it.



SKIRT: Lindy Bop

SHOES: Swedish Hasbeens

EARRINGS: Doodad and Fandango

SUNGLASSES: Happy to Sit on Your Face

LIPSTICK: Ultra Matte, in Arriba, by Colour Pop

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