Scrolling back through my OOTD photos, I came to a very unexpected and startling realisation.

I tell myself that I have a deep and varied wardrobe. That I am a bold and adventurous dresser. In possession of a vibrant and fearless sense of style. Experimental and diverse.

But there, in those images, the truth was glaringly obvious: I have an addiction. An addiction to stripes.

In utter disbelief I decided to do something of a striped stocktake to attempt to get a grasp on the full extent of my problem – because surely, SURELY, it can’t be that bad.

However this is what I found, inconspicuously lurking in my drawers and wardrobe, carrying this plague of stripes:

  • Two singlets
  • Two long sleeved merino tops
  • One off-the shoulder top
  • One short-sleeved bodysuit
  • One sleeveless bodysuit
  • Three t-shirt dresses
  • Five t-shirts
  • One dress

My friends, it was worse than I imagined. Far worse. Sixteen items. SIXTEEN!!!

How did I let it get to this point?!?!

What’s even worse is that whilst I was standing there, confronted with a bed covered in a sea of stripes, I still thought to myself “Hmm. Could do with picking up another striped merino top and singlet this winter”.

Why? Why do I love the stripe, specifically the striped top, so much?

I’ve been pondering this. I think that, for me, it’s as close to a neutral as a I get. I don’t really like to wear plain things. And I don’t do dull or muted colours. So a striped top is a good alternative to fall back on. A stripe goes with everything. It’s classic and timeless. And for me, it evokes all things twee, nautical and French – which are basically three of my favourite things. When I’m wearing a stripe I basically feel like a Parisian sailor in a Wes Anderson film! It’s easy to slip under a work blazer. Or a the weekend with my dungaree dress and a sloppy cardigan.

Oh, and I feel at this point, I must say that it goes without saying, but that the ol’ “stripes aren’t flattering” line is a complete, bullshit, myth and you are depriving yourself of this most wonderful of fashion staples. Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes – it makes no difference and certainly won’t makes you lose or gain ten kilos!

So maybe, with this reasoning applied, it isn’t the worst fashion addiction of all to have. Plus, in my defence, I do wear the hell out of pretty much all of these items I own.

But perhaps it’s time to try and step away from the stripe just a little bit, and not reach for it quite so automatically, before it becomes too much of a security blanket. Because if you’re not pushing your boundaries in fashion, then you’re not growing or evolving and that’s not what a journey is about, is it?!*

What’s your fashion addiction? Your Achilles heel? Your safety blanket?

*she says, whilst writing this post, in a striped t-shirt.

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