A recap of my outfits of the day for the month of March.

Well March is the month of straddling the seasons. One foot in summer, the other in autumn, and you’re just helplessly stuck in absolute limbo for these few awkward weeks of the year.

It’s an utter rollercoaster of temperatures and it makes choosing outfits a bit of a nightmare. For the majority of March, daylight savings were yet to hit us, so the mornings were incredibly dark and  chilly – the sun often still rising as you leave for work. You gotta make that outfit call – are you gonna trust the forecast, that you won’t need that jacket? Because more often than not, the sun came out, the haze burned off, and we ended up with bright blue-sky days, with temperatures well into their twenties…until 5pm, and the moment when you have to walk back home…when the sun vanishes and it’s time to reach for your emergency work coat. Or scarf. Or cardigan (if you don’t keep one of each of these in your place of work, I suggest you go pack them now! There is nothing worse than being caught cold, and unprepared, if the weather turns during a work day).

What I’m trying to say is that March is a real juggling act of layers, snap judgement-calls and trust when it comes to selecting outfits.  Plus, as much as I’m yearning to crack into the coat closet, I’m also aware that my days in lovely, light, summer dresses, worn with bare legs, and sandals, are numbered and so cannot be squandered. However I have to admit, my favourite fashion moments from the past month have been those that involved bringing out my favourite military jacket, wearing newly acquired chunky vintage knitwear, and being comfortable, once again, in my trusty velvet blazers.

So that was March. And now, we face True Autumn. Where the landscape gets super beautiful, then super bleak, just as fast. Which means that it’s truly time to check your Autumn supplies, cos you’re gonna be needing them.

Enjoy April, and may there be many Fasntastic Coat Debuts to be had!


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