A recap of my outfits of the day for the month of April.

Autumn is such a fun season. You really can have your sartorial cake and eat it too.

With these lingering bright and warm days, and glorious amber light, you can still get away with summer-weight dresses, with bare legs, but due to those crisp, dew-crested, mornings you get the luxury of being able to layer-up with coats and scarves, adding felt and wool hats into the mix, along with the occasional glove.

For someone who wasn’t meant to be acquiring additional wardrobe items, and actively purchasing (I never am and yet I somehow end up doing quite alright – what an utter mystery this is!), I still managed to acquire a number of new (to me) items this month which you will see in these photos;

  • A local costume-house sale resulted in a couple of capes (the gloriously regal rust and fur one pictured) as well as another jacket & petticoat that I haven’t worn yet. The sale was aggressive-bargain-hunter carnage, but my early arrival, and targeted approach, paid off and I came away with quite the vintage haul for less than NZ$40
  • A lush over-sized pink and mustard scarf from H&M. I didn’t need another scarf but its utterly ridiculous volume and quirky Wes Anderson-eqsue colour scheme seduced me. It’s almost blanket-like. I keep it on the back of my work chair in case it gets nippy and I need some additional snug in my day
  • The floral jacquard and pink fur collar jacket had been sitting in my ASOS wish-list for months, too pricey to justify. However it came on sale at 75% off and happened to be there in my size (an occurrence on ASOS that is as rare and precious as a unicorn) and so felt too good to pass up on. As I have discussed before, outerwear is my one fashion weakness and I’m not about to give it up anytime soon.

I’m heading away on holiday for half of May. Over to a tropical climate where I don’t plan on wearing much more than a bikini, baggy shirts, and a smug air of relaxation for the entire time – so I will enjoy these coats for only a little longer. But, alas! Never fear, for my trusty tripod will be coming along  on my travels with me. After all, who knows what exotic OOTD opportunities may present themselves. Or…you might just get a ton of shots of me reclining next a pool drinking pina coladas from pineapples and napping.

Which is hardly a crime.

Until next month, mon précieux!


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