A recap of my outfits of the day for the month of May.

Yes. Yes. YES. I am fully aware that it is mid-July, and that this is a MAY post, thank-you-very-much, but I’ve been terribly busy procrastinating and making blog mountains out of blog mole-hills, and the likes.

But I am here now, and it’s time to pull-rank and play catch-up. So I will endeavour to post both May and June Outfit of the Day recaps over the coming week.

So what did May bring? Well it saw me spend half the month in Bali, a tropical, dreamy, dream of a holiday that already feels like a lifetime ago. Swoony doesn’t even begin to cut it. And as I type this now, in a scarf, and a thick cardigan, sitting in bed, at 7:30pm, because HELLO ELECTRIC BLANKETS, the idea that 6 weeks ago I was lounging around in a bikini every day, and taking midnight swims, sipping on gin and tonics, feels like some kind of joke.

So please enjoy my OOTD recap from Bali, much of it was pool side *SAD SIGH* before my photos rapidly plunge us back into the depths of winter.

And a reminder that if you enjoy my OOTD photos, I post most days over on Instagram, so give me a follow and say hi!



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