As you might well imagine, my wardrobe is not a modest beast.

It is bursting with capes, tutus, feathers, embroidered jackets, flower crowns and quite a number of pairs of ridiculous shoes which I’m ashamed to admit, I never wear.

If you want a last minute ring-in for a high tea, ball, or a costume party set on the Titanic, that’s crossing over into the Sherlock Holmes universe, I’m totally your girl.

But, quite often, it becomes glaringly apparent that for all the frills, sparkles, pomp and ceremony of my ‘gong out’ or ‘workday’ collection, I’m woefully negligent when it comes to my off-duty wardrobe.

I know it’s really easy to say that what we wear after work, or on lazy weekend days, doesn’t matter. That any old tea-stained t-shirt and ill-fitting jeans will do. And whilst our old, well-worn, hoodies definitely have a time and place, we still spend, on average, 2 out of 7 days ‘off duty’, which is a lot of time to be hanging out in past-their-best clothes, that make us feel less-than-great about ourselves. We should be aiming to do all that we can to feel good about ourselves everyday! You deserve better!

Since I’m all about feeling the self-love and respect ALL of the time, and it’s the message that I strive to share on my various platforms, I decided I needed to lead by example and invest in some quality weekend attire, over, oh I don’t know, a sequinned top hat, covered in stuffed birds, or something!

With my recent foray into the jumpsuit, I’ve been feeling a new found confidence when it comes to trouser-based options. That combined with the desire to but smarter, kinder, and more ethically, led me straight to one brand: Lucy & Yak.

Lucy & Yak are a brand that I’ve spied on several people that I follow on Instagram, and have been really hanging out to try ever since. Before even knowing anything about the brand, I fell in love with their fantastically hued, retro-style, adorable, slouchy, corduroy dungarees. They’re like Wes Anderson meets a 1980’s North-London Alan Bennett Tele-play (is that a relatable analogy? You know what I mean right?). In short, these dungarees are absolutely, utterly, my vibe.

On researching the brand, I learnt that whilst Lucy & Yak is a UK based brand founded in 2017, the garments are made around the world. The ‘Original’ dungarees (what I have) are hand made in North India. They pay the living wage. Their products ship in 100% biodegradable packaging. And my dungarees arrived in a beautiful handmade fabric bag. How bloody great is all of that?

I selected a pair of the original corduroy dungarees, in a swoony maroon/ wine red.

And the verdict? Today is only my first wear but I already adore them, and I think this is only going to grow over time.

The corduroy is soft and so very comfortable. Like I’ve owned them for years. The colour is divine, and whilst today I’m wearing them with my go-to striped merino, I can’t wait to wear them over t shirts, or shirts, and with a chunky vintage cardigan over the top. Today I wore them with my Docs, but they’re going to be incredible with my Converse. And that’s not even getting to the point where I dress them up in spring with some sandals, like my Swedish Hasbeens, and statement earrings. What I’m saying is they’re going to be bloody versatile and get me through many seasons and types of occasion.

As for sizing – I got the XL and they fit like a dream. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m still quite self conscious about my hips and thighs, eternally paranoid that they are simply not destined for trousers. However, the cut is loose and easy, without making me feel frumpy. They sit in a lazy, low, manner which means that there’s no wedgies, or need for awkward public groin-area-adjustments. Right now I’m sat cross-legged on my couch, as I type this, and there’s not even a faint hint of digging-in, tightness, or uncomfortable waistband, like you get with jeans.

The shoulder straps simply loop and tie, which I adore. I’m all for soft edges and un-fussiness, over needless, abrasive, jabbing, metal clips and fasteners. The leg cuffs I’ve rolled up to create a retro / big-toddler vibe, that nicely shows off my boots, though this is optional. The shape and style has been designed to be completely adjustable and able to be modified to fit your personality, height and body type.

I added a wee cluster of enamel pins, just to put a bit of my own flair onto them, these ones came from the glorious Christchurch based Pepa Stationery.

And best of all? I feel so frickin’ cute, cool and comfortable in this item – yes! All three C’s! Golly!

I’m already dreaming of my next pair of Originals, in a different colour, as well as perhaps a dress version, or some cropped ones for Summer.

Thank you Lucy & Yak for making sustainable, ethical, fashion that is vibrant playful, versatile and fun. Your garments are a huge departure from the over-priced, black, shapeless sacks that are often the only other alternative offered to anyone with curves.

Because why shouldn’t we look and feel good, on our days off, whilst doing our lil’ bit towards helping the world?!


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