A recap of my outfits of the day for the month of June…

Another bit of a late recap gallery, since we’re almost at the end of July, but as we’re still in the month, I technically still classify this as being ON TIME with this monthly recap.

It’s funny how things really do just become ‘habit’. You read all those articles, and see all those motivational quotes, telling you that it takes 2 weeks/ 3 weeks/ a month/ 2 months/ 30 days / 60 days (I don’t even know, I’ve read so many, they’ve all just amalgamated into a jumble of meaningless periods of time) for something to become a habit. And then you make a solemn oath to yourself like I WILL GO TO THE GYM EVERY DAY, I WILL DRINK 8 GLASSES OF WATER EVERY DAY, I WILL BRUSH MY DOG EVERY DAY etc. like by doing so, you will help cement the idea of the habit into reality. But they seldom work. Instead, it’s often the little things, the things that you don’t really, in your head, count as proper tasks, that slip into your daily routine, and BAM! Suddenly they’re a habit. I mean, I guess that’s how you become a smoker or something, right?

That’s what’s happened with these OOTD pictures. They started as selfies, and then evolved into full outfit pictures, badly lit and badly staged, without the aid of actual equipment. Then I invested in a tripod. And that took things to the next level. But the idea of carrying a tripod and having to find photo location felt like a mountain to climb in itself…and each day the task took a great amount of thought, effort and time until…it wasn’t anymore. One day, it just became normal. Enjoyable. A habit. The process got streamlined. And I mange to make time. And that’s where I’m at, now, after half a year of consciously doing this daily. I’m still learning. Honing techniques. But I’ve come a long way. And it’s heartening.

I’m saying that because I’ve been out of action, struck down with a cold, for the last two days, and I really miss capturing my OOTD! I’m sitting around right now, under a duvet,  pondering if it’s feasible to take and OOTD in my old man $7 kmart plaid PJ’s and faded old sweatshirt, which I’m currently sporting. It’s not – firstly, cos no one really needs to see that, and secondly, my tripod is at work. But it’s really struck me in the last 48 hours how much of a habit it’s become.

Maybe we should stop trying to force habits into our lives. Perhaps we should just have faith and trust that if we make and leave room within ourselves, the things that we truly want, or subconsciously need, when the time is right, will find their way in.

June. Well June saw a birthday for me. Another year older. I saw it in in spectacular fashion, with a Wes Anderson themed birthday party, where I was surrounded by so many beautiful, much loved, friends, who all did me very proud on the old dress up stakes.

And from there – after the usual post-birthday blues and soul searching – came the resolve to keep on going, growing, evolving. To make this new year the most fabulous, strong and creative yet, filled with lots of learning, and building on the foundations I already have. Foundations that I’m already pretty happy with and proud of. To just keep on shining in my own little way. And not worry too much about the things I perceive to be missing.

As I said before, as long as me make room within ourselves, the really good, meaningful, stuff will find it’s way in, it’s own method of sticking.


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