‘Hmm. Can I get away with just posting back on here after a 3 month absence and hope no-one notices or questions it?’, she asks to herself, on a rainy Friday afternoon, as she listens to Party For One for the 11th time today, drinking her 6th cup of coffee.

Too bloody right she can.*

*apparently I talk in the third person now. I know. It’s not CUTE. It’s obnoxious. Gotta nip that in the bud whilst I can.

** Hi pals! Actually in the last couple of months I set up another new site, Cracked City, which I also love and feel very passionate about, but now it’s up and ticking along I realised that it’s not So Long Marianne and I really REALLY miss talking about style and bodies and feelings and jumpsuits and glitter and stuff and so I’ve made decision that maybe I can just do both, as i can’t really assimilate the two into each other, they just gotta be their own separate beasts. But today I’m feeling really motivated and PASSIONATE about committing to this, so let’s just ride that wave and see how that goes, huh? Wow look at me, two websites, what a media mogul. Can I call that a MEDIA EMPIRE?!?

***I’m just gonna go right ahead and dump 3 months of OOTD pics on you. I know that this is A LOT. If you were kind you might call it EPIC. Or you might just call it ANNOYING. I promise I am not a raging narcissist (I’m kinda just a normal one?). But it’s either that, or do it as three posts, or skip Aug & Sept, but that won’t do cos I’m a completest and I know I’ll hate myself for that come the end of the year to be missing two months’ worth so let’s just go 3 in 1…normal service will resume after this post, I promise! 

**** Wow. Really should’ve just shut the fuck up and just posted these pictures without all of  *waves wildly in the air*  THIS pre-amble. There’s that saying that explaining is losing, or something, and so on that basis I’m a real huge loser. But hopefully one in good outfits, that will make you overlook my glaring faults and tardiness…y’know. Anyway it’s nice to be back. Will you accept and love me just as I am, like Mark Darcy did to Bridget Jones?


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