It’s a funny old thing, that concept of Personal Evolution, progress and growth. Be it in your own attitudes, career, education, relationships or your style and clothing.

I originally wrote the word ‘just’ in that sentence. ‘JUST your style and clothing’. Just. Always such an easy word to chuck in there, yet so dangerous. So undermining and apologetic. I caught myself and deleted it, as I’ve been trying to do lately whenever I use it. But it’s still tempting to do – especially when listing clothes against the other things we consider to be life’s more big-ticket items like emotions, love, family, careers. And I think that’s a big problem. Where we so often lose ourselves. We too-easily wave away style, and what we wear, as a frivolous, petty, secondary thing. But it’s just not true.

Clothes say SO much about us. Not in a Vogue kind of way. This is nothing to do with status, judgement or money. I don’t care what you wear, as long as it makes you content. This is about making a statement, telling the world who we are, what we hold important…or don’t. There’s no right or wrong thing to wear, or way to be. But it still means more than we give credit for, or are comfortable to admit. And yet we belittle it to ‘JUST’.

Where i was going with all of this was that personal evolution is seldom caught in the moment. You never stop yourself part-way through and go ‘well fuck, look how much I’m changing’. That works in both directions  – both the good and bad. It’s like if you’re on a big walk, like, up a hill, and every step is a slow trudge. But then  you get to the top and it’s like, oh okay, cool, I actually made a ton of progress here (we might not always enjoy the journey, or want to do it again, but it still happened).

Which is how I’m feeling as I look at this collection of outfits for November. I see progress. Change. Growth. I’m wearing things that a year ago. Heck, 6 months ago, I’d never have dreamed of. Mainly demonstrated in the abundance of jumpsuits, dungarees, jeans, sheer fabric and shorter skirts. Perhaps 2018 is my Year of The Leg?! I discovered my legs. Not only that, but perhaps we’re finally FRIENDS?!

(Pinafore dress by Toast Clothing Studio)

And that is no small thing. They are not JUST clothes. They are not JUST pant legs that I toss on without care or consideration. For me, they represent a significant journey undertaken. I didn’t really. know I was on it, or how far I’d come. But now, as I look back, I can see it in it’s entirely. I see it in these photos.

‘Legs’ for me mean healing, recovery, peace, acceptance. If you used those words in regards to getting over a break-up, or set-back in life, people would applaud you. So why should we belittle it when it comes to style aka. yourself. That’s not petty. That’s not vain. That’s You.

The year is not yet quite up. And this is becoming far more End of Year Recap than I was intending. But I’m exhilarated and thrilled at the prospect of where I’ll be, how much further I’ll have travelled, in another 12 months.

I mean, bloody hell, if I can get to the point of wearing a neon pink boiler suit out in public, and feel very bloody confident, then the sky really does feel like the limit.

(Not only that, but I wish to advise that this Lucy & Yak boiler suit, has turned out to be something of a lucky charm for me – for every time I’ve worn it, I’ve had some of the most fun times ever…who’d have thought?!).

I encourage you to also look back. Reflect. Celebrate yourself. I promise you’ll be amazed & proud at how far you’ve come.

And let’s all try to relinquish the word ‘just’. That’s the tough one.

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