The gin-soaked, glitter-dusted, shape-throwing, cape-swishing, puppy-nuzzling, back-combing, frivolity-making, day-dreaming, over-thinking, swoon-chasing, pineapple-on-pizza-defending, velvet-swaddled, fashion-worshipping, love-child of Nigella Lawson and David Bowie.

Aka. Bonjela Lawson

Aka. Louise Sutherland

Living in a strange, beautiful, still-broken-but-getting-there, quirky, brave, creative, lil’ city at the edge of the world.

Aka. Christchurch, NZ

This is my space to share my words, images, thoughts and looks – these will mainly fashion, style and body focussed, but lets not get too hung up on labels, right?

All thoughts and views are my own. As are my creations and words.

Please feel free to share, with credits to myself / So Long Marianne.

And remember, two things, in life:

1. Be kind

2. People will stare, make it worth their while

IG: @bonjela_lawson